Good Trampoline Maintenance – Cleaning Tips

Published: 18th October 2010
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Do your kids love playing on their backyard trampoline for hours at a time? Are you happy they’ve found a fun activity that helps them get some exercise, but tired that you have to spend time cleaning up all the dirt they track in from the trampoline mat? Like anything that you store outside, a trampoline is going to get dirty, but it’s actually not that hard to give the entire structure a good cleaning every once in a while. As long as you’ve got about an hour of free time and access to soap and water, you can have your old trampoline parts looking new again.
It’s important to give you trampoline regular inspections so that you can be sure that all the trampoline parts are in good working order. After months of repeated use, many of the trampoline parts can become worn or even damaged, and if you jump on it without taking a look at all the parts, you could risk serious injury. Cleaning the trampoline on a regular basis gives you an excuse to carefully inspect every bit of the structure as you’re removing dirt and debris, saving you time and ensuring that your trampoline is safe for future use.
Start your cleaning routine by removing any additional trampoline accessories or games that you might have installed. This includes trampoline pads, enclosures, nets, game coverings, basketball hoops or jumping boards. Keep your eyes open for any worn or rusted trampoline parts while you’re removing these additional accessories. Once you’ve stripped the platform down, begin by soaking the entire trampoline mat with water from a garden hose. Keep in mind that the water will drip through the mat, so make sure you move the structure away from any dirt or other materials that will just end up on the trampoline again.
Use a clean kitchen mop or large auto sponge dipped in soapy water to give the entire trampoline mat and frame a good scrub down. Work from the top down, so that the dirty water is always on its way down to the ground, and not mixing with the clean water and the areas you’ve already washed. Pay special attention to the springs and rings that attach the mat to the frame, as this is where the bulk of the dirt and damage will appear. When you’re done scrubbing, make sure to hose all the soap off the structure, as leaving soap on the trampoline will make it feel sticky after it dries.

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