How to Attach a Trampoline Pad Ė Installing Safety Accessories

Published: 18th October 2010
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Are you worried about purchasing a trampoline for your kids, or for your own exercise purposes, because youíre not sure that itís exactly safe? The last thing you want is to buy a piece of sports equipment that is supposed to provide entertainment or physical fitness, and end up in worse shape than when you started because it caused you to sustain an injury. Just like many other things in life, itís important to parents and children to understand that a trampoline is a perfectly safe piece of equipment, as long as itís used according to its intended purpose, and itís outfitted with all necessary trampoline accessories to ensure safety.
One of the biggest fears when it comes to setting up a trampoline in the back yard is that someone will accidentally fall off while theyíre jumping, or that a landing will go horribly awry, and legs or arms will slip through the crack between the trampoline mat and the springs, causing skin to be pinched or even worse. If youíre interested in installing whatever trampoline accessories are needed to keep the trampoline safe, itís important to start with the trampoline pad.
In case youíve never heard of a trampoline pads before, you should know that it is a cushion that is meant to be fitted all around the border of the trampoline frame, and often extends inside the edge of the structure far enough to cover the springs. Because the typical trampoline frame is made from heavy gauge steel tubing, itís easy to imagine that slipping and falling while youíre on the trampoline mat could end up in a nasty head injury if there were no trampoline pad installed. When you have this protective cushioning in place, youíll be able to avoid these unnecessary injuries while also protecting the longevity of the trampoline itself.
Itís important to get an accurate measurement of your trampoline before shopping for trampoline pads. Although some of the newer varieties come complete with trampoline pads in the installation kit, many require that you buy these accessories separately. Purchasing pads that are just a few inches too short or too long is a frustrating mistake that youíre not likely to notice until youíre halfway through the setup process. Round trampoline can be best measured by getting an accurate assessment of the diameter, which is accomplished by using a tape measure to assess the circle at its widest part.

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